Media Research

We have decades of cumulative experience in media research. We understand that nothing can replace media research at the beginning of planning a campaign. It gives us media insights, media behavior and a deep knowledge of competitive strengths and naturally progresses us to a certain need or desire that the said product or service can fulfill. At times, it even gives rise to an idea for a new product.

Media research at KMW forms a strong foundation for an integrated advertising campaign and helps us minimize spillage.

Media Planning

With meticulous media planning at KMW, we fortify the marketing objectives of a brand to strengthen it further. We identify the target audience and understand their media usage and behavior. With an initial research backed start, we arrive at a strategy and come up with a media plan that combines the right media mix across TV, Print, Digital, OOH, Radio, Cinema, BTL and PR.

We, at KMW, not only conduct the initial media purchase but also deem ourselves accountable for the continued optimization of performance throughout the campaign lifecycle to maximize the Results.

Media Buying

The prerequisite of being a part of our team is expertise in either medium with not only planning and buying but also it’s understanding with right contacts and sharp buying skills. With 18 years in the industry we have very good rapport with media channel partners. Whether it is TV, Print, Digital, OOH, Radio, Cinema, BTL and PR, KMW can get you the best rates possible in every sector.

Our planning is meticulous and accompanied with great negotiating skills. Our contacts run deep in the industry for innovative ideas to get a nod.