How Will The Future of Digital Marketing Look?  

future of digital marketing

The digital landscape has evolved by leaps & bounds in the past three decades. The dot com bubble burst, the housing market crashed, and we lost more than a million lives to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Digital marketing has been on an upward trajectory since the inception of Search Engines & It will continue to grow at a CAGR of 9% for the period 2020-2026. Kris MediaWorks is here to give you a deeper insight into what the future of digital marketing beholds & how you can be a part of the ever-changing landscape of the digital world! 

A History Lesson 

The 1990s saw a goldmine rush in the mass adoption of the internet across the globe. It was not until the year 1994 that Netscape successfully launched a mass-market web browser. The two years that preceded led to a tremendous increase of people browsing the web from 16 million to 70 million. As users exponentially increased, the likes of Yahoo! (1994) & Google (1997) jumped in to showcase their take on Email Marketing & Search Engines. The early marketers & search engine experts heavily relied on techniques like keyword stuffing, excessive tagging & fake backlinks to generate high rankings on web pages. However, as search engines evolved, such practices were penalized & will lead to negative results for a company trying to rank higher on Google’s search page rankings. Moving on to smartphones, Blackberry launched the first modern smartphone in 2003 with features like emailing, texting & calling, all from one device. The smartphone era only began in 2007 with the launch of Apple’s very first iPhone. This led to the true revolution of the digital world as we know it today. The rise & fall of major social media apps, influencer marketing & targeted Ads as we know them today changed as Internet & Smartphones combined to alter the very reality of life & majorly influence decisions that an individual takes through the help of the Internet. Now that we dove deeper into how the past has shaped our very personas, let’s glimpse at what the future entails for digital marketing. 

What’s Next? 

Entrenepuers & small businesses alike have realized the importance of digital marketing, especially as the COVID-19 era enabled them to transition to remote work and use the opportunity to gain a competitive edge over their competition. The majority of the content available online is targeted explicitly toward Gen Z & Millennial demographics. In particular, Gen Z users demand content that gives them a memorable experience. The result is an arduous situation for marketers as they struggle to market effectively and precisely to the said demographic. As these users reach the age of maturity and a new age generation ushers, the content will have to be devised according to the needs of a maturing Gen Z population leaving content curated for Gen X & Boomers especially inessential. 

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence 

The reliance on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, and Data Analytics will exponentially increase in years to come. As technology evolves, businesses will usher into leveraging Artificial Intelligence that will assuage business owners in making informed decisions & take calculated risks. Over 85% of all digital ads will see automation. The question of ‘how & when’ to collect data will be answered by algorithms and software. Personalized targeting will play an essential role tomorrow, just as it does today. The tracking of KPIs & various other digital marketing tools will play a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s storytelling & communication to their audiences. This will be specifically obvious as users will start to gravitate towards brands that are confident in their brand marketing messages. Brands that fail to communicate precisely to their audience will fall victim to the reality of surviving in a highly competitive online world! The usage of Augmented Reality tools is seeing a rise within the startup space, as is voice optimization. However, the impact of such nuances is yet to be determined in the broader scheme of things. 

Final Words 

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscape that is Digital Marketing. Businesses worldwide rely on digital marketing agencies for their marketing needs. One prime example of a company that has taken up the challenge to keep up with changing conditions of this landscape is – Kris MediaWorks. The future of digital marketing will entail influencer marketing, the growth of Google Ads (PPC), and SEO. Rest assured, we can achieve your revenue targets together without you stressing or breaking the bank over digital marketing again. We are always a call or an email away. 

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