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About Us

Kris Mediaworks houses a group of brand-focused, strategy-driven, creatively inclined Media experts with an eye on delivering the Right Results, at all times.

We are a full-service media agency that specializes in strategic media campaigns, be it TV, Print, Digital, OOH, Radio, Cinema, BTL, and PR.


Why Choose Us

Every Client is Important be it big or small

Not a run of the mill media agency but your extended media arm, Our top management is involved in Each and every project be it big or small

We are reachable 24×7 and not just working hours

We rely on research backed data for our media strategies

Every idea is unique for the brand and not duplicated for the other (We avoid Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V approach)


We are at the top of the ever evolving landscape of media. From planning, research, buying and strategy to creating the right communication for TV, Print, Digital, OOH, Radio, Cinema, BTL and PR; we give you a holistic Media Approach


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Align the media goals of your business with our innovative strategies. Get in touch to uncover insights for driving your media campaigns.