Below the line advertising provides ample opportunities for experiential marketing, out of the box thinking and creates lasting impressions. It allows a more high-touch experience where the TG can touch, feel the product and also see it functioning.

KMW team ensures that they provide a more interactive platform while giving the brand and consumers to connect on a personal level. In fact, while creating a campaign we try and integrate other media as well like social media or print medium to give the campaign the required boost. Using creative ideas, the KMW team attracts and engages more with the target audience and gives the brand the desired visibility.

KMW dynamically metamorphosizes your brand and increases its reach multiple times with the following.

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • In-store Marketing & Branding
  • Events
  • Brand Activation


KMW employs Public Relations for Online & Off-Line Media Channels to increase awareness and create a positive image of your brand.

PR is more about creating a positive brand recognition and recall and less about selling a product or category. We believe in ethically moulding public opinion to your advantage.

We understand that in this hyper-connected world it is utmost important that your business image is well-crafted and managed with professional dedication. The domain of our public relations helps you create a positive image for your brand and sustain good relations with your customers, prospective customers and media.


KMW has an in-house studio where we design all the advertising communication. We create strategic, articulate, impactful campaigns for all the brands. We ensure the execution is in line with the thought presented. We create the entire advertising campaign for print, digital, OOH media and below the line advertising.

For television and radio, we write the script on the lines of the concept and storyboard it as well. Our team oversees the entire production process to ensure the communication is in line with our strategy and concept. At all points, we ensure the brand voice resonates with the consumers.

Strategic Process Outsource

This is an additional line of business which we have created for our clients by going a step ahead from a traditional agency, wherein we not only run media campaigns to generate leads but also close the loop by screening the leads for conversions. This was created as a support service but now we have a full time setup and offer this as a stand alone service as well for clients who are looking at servicing their existing  database for generating leads out of it. This reduces the clients effort for screening or verifying the leads and they can rather focus on the more important process of sales and servicing their end clients.